About Gene Oasis

Founded by Dr Lim Kah Meng in 2001, Gene Oasis Group is an innovative spin-off from his research and development work in bioscience and biotechnology. It has set up the first and only certified factory in Singapore to purify its bird’s nest on site using the latest and scientifically-proven technology, funded by the Technology Innovation Project (TIP) grant from Spring Singapore. Gene Oasis taps on it research capabilities in edible Bird’s Nest TCM and extracts technologies of natural and organic product to offer quality brands such as YUPINZHEN, Deer De Yan, Golden Yan, DF YAN, 50 GO! And more.
To engage and serve the global wellness industry better, the Gene Oasis Group constantly collaborates with doctor, scientists, lawyer, chef, trade consultants, beauty care specialists, marketer, financial specialists, health supplement manufacturers, bird’s nest farmers and collectors, trade association head and business leaders. Gene Oasis is also the proud recipient of the following awards:
•     Spirit of Enterprise Award 2011 (through A/Professor Lim Kah Meng)
•     Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World(Singapore) Award
       2012 (through A/Professor Lim Kah Meng)
•      Midas Touch Asia Enterprise Award 2013
•      SME One Asia Prominent Award 2013
•      Asia Pacific Brand Award 2014


Gene Oasis is proud to introduce YUPINZHEN Pure De Yan, Their in-house brand of premium dried bird’s nest. Prepared at Singapore’s first and only dried bird’s nest processing factory, YUPINZHEN’s Pure De Yan purified bird’s nest product are certified for their food safety standards and authenticity. The product are so also assured to be free from harmful chemicals such as nitrites and bleaches, and are scientifically rid of microbial pathogens, including the bird flu virus.


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